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graffiti 4 video –Your Number One resource for Graffiti art for video. Professional graffiti artists for hire across the UK.

Graffiti Art is a unique way to produce a cutting edge video and has many purposes. The video can be a live hand painted logo or image for a business or an event maybe. A selection of still images can create a great portfolio for any purpose such as presentations, promotions and events. A video is a great addition on a web site to introduce people to your product or service and by using the techniques of a graffiti artist you can be at the forefront of modern advertising.
With the current social networking phenomena on line, a video designed for your purpose could possibly reach thousands and the more eye catching and energised it is the better. This is exactly what can do. Wether it's a movie trailer, music video, service advertisement or even a wedding video, there are no restrictions to what can be done.
Here are just a few for your viewing pleasure...
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graffiti art for video: Graffiti 4 hire showreel 2013

Highlights from the best videos produced by the graffiti for hire team.

graffiti art for video: Tallest Mo Bro for Movember

Check out how we painted the UK's tallest Mo bro for Movember.

Graffiti art for video: Graffiti Time lapse MNSNAP G4H Goldfingers

G4H's Performance team The Goldfingers recreates MNSNAP logo by writing UK vs Minnesota pet statistics onto a white wall.

Graffiti art for video: PureProject and the window

Our new PureProject window at the Up & Running Birmingham store.

Graffiti art for video: Brooks PureDrift Graffiti Time Lapse

Graffiti4Hire Paint at the Custard Factory in Birmingham a piece for Brooks Running.

Graffiti art for video: The birds

graffiti video graphic